Scheduling and prioritizing your fence or deck restoration project is key to protecting one of the costliest assets in your yard, and it is important that you get a head start on preparing for the maintenance that your home needs.  Scheduling your fence or deck treatment project early can help guard against splits, cracks, rot or warping of your wood surface.  Remember, wood treatment not only makes your fence beautiful, but it also protects your assets and ensures safety for your family and guests.

Don’t wait

The best time to start planning for fence restoration is now.  Restoring your fence not only provides a beautiful aesthetic for your home, but it also provides protection against the elements.  The longer you wait the more damage or degradation will occur and thus increasing the cost for repairs.  Moisture is the number one enemy or threat to the life of a wooden fence.  Although most home owners start scheduling their maintenance in spring, work can be done year-round to treat, restore and protect one of the most significant investments for most yards.  We encourage clients to get their decks and fences prepped for a busy summer no later than the end of March.  This will give you time to complete any repairs or maintenance just in time for that spring gettogether or summer barbeque.  Take some time and education yourself on the various options that are available for fence and deck work.  Most reputable fence restoration companies can schedule an estimator for a home visit to come out and make recommendations.  We can help you select the best materials and treatments for your fence or deck project and look forward to having these consultations with our clients.  Contact us today with your questions.

Consider your budget

We recommend that after the winter holidays have ended that you create a budget.  If you have major work that needs to be completed (tree removal, major roof repairs, etc.) it may be better to tackle those early in the season.  Prioritize safety concerns like damaged or rotten decking and trimming overgrown trees along with your larger projects.  This will ensure you have completed the “must have” home maintenance and safety concern and can allocate any remaining budget on making your home beautiful through painting, fence work and even purchasing new patio furniture.  Also consider warranty agreements with any work that is completed on your home and be sure to organize and file your paperwork in case issues need to be addressed in the future.  You may also want to consider how does the company accept payments.  Are online payments available?

Homeowner Maintenance

The timing of your treatment will also depend on your home care routine.  We highly recommend homeowners take care of their fence in-between routine maintenance.   Activities like removing leaves and other debris in February and then applying a Stain-N-Seal™ cleaning solution prior to mid-March before the onset of pollen in Spring.  At the end of the summer after Labor Day (late September) ensure leaves and other debris are not accumulating along fence bottoms and remove barbeque grills and clean surface with a wash to prepare the deck and fence for colder temperatures thus minimizing the chances for mold and mildew to damage cracked pickets and boards previously treated with a, transparent, semitransparent or solid stain treatment.  You can also looking at power washing, repairing and staining, but we recommend leaving these activities to the experts who understand how to get the best protection and finish out of your fence or deck.