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Our specialty is painting, staining and cleaning of all types of wooden fences.


Job Title: Lead Paint Sprayer /Carpenter 

Job Description: A Lead Paint Sprayer/Carpenter is responsible for anything related to staining, painting,  and repairing wooden fences/decks, epoxy treatments for garage floors, and other outdoor structures.  He/she is a specialist in the intricate craft of applying oil-based and waterborne stains and paints  materials primarily with the use of specific equipment such as a gas and electric paint sprayers by spray  gun. The Lead Technician fence painter job description entails painting various fences such as wood and  [some] metal. It also involves building [installation] & repairing of new and existing fencing. Technicians  can safely and proficiently operate carpentry hand tools performing repairs such as replacing fence  posts, pickets, rails, deck-boards, and railing to ensure painting is done perfectly. 


  • Experience in trade with verifiable years of employment and/or training. 
  • Good physical posture and stamina since the job is physically demanding and it requires  substantial standing, stooping, bending, walking, and other motions. 
  • Good vision along with the ability to pay attention to details. 
  • Excellent organizational skills. 
  • Well-developed communication and interpersonal skills. 
  • Ability to endure all-season weather especially during summer and winter hours of work. Wear respirators and safety eye protection to avoid or reduce continuous exposure to paint and  cleaning chemicals and solvents. 


Lead Paint Sprayer/Carpenter – $25 per hour 

***Any additional consideration will be determined by the [OWNER] based your continued  professionalism, skill comprehension, sense-of-urgency, and lastly consistency with the job completion. 

Key Tasks and Responsibilities: 

  • Safely operate company vehicles according to DOT standards. 
  • Set-up or supervise the process of preparation. 
  • Ensure each project is sprayed according to standard receiving the appropriate application of  [two-coats] free of runs and drips.  
  • Safely operate and maintain [service] all paint sprayer(s) and spray-tips. Procure when needed  new tips and dispose of defective spray-gun spray tips when professionally determined. Safely operate and care for nail guns, air compressors, circular skill-saw or any other company  power tools. Cleaning filters and adding lubrication according to maintenance schedule. 

Stain-N-Seal is a company committed to values, integrity, selfless-service, and a level-of-service  commensurate for the greater good of our internal and external customers. Georgia is a Right-to-Work  State and this agreement can be canceled or terminated at the company’s authorized agents sole  discretion either by verbal, and/or written communication via email or text.

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