Q. Where can I see some of your work?

A. Go to our Gallery of Work to find many pictures of some of our past work.


Q. How soon after the fence is installed can we treat it?

A. Typically, within 1-2 weeks for Stain-N-Seal Solution, and 1 to 4 months for painting.


Q. What’s the difference between Paint vs. Stain?

A. The difference between paint and stain can be looked at in two ways; (i) the appearance wanted from the job, and (ii) the product formulation.

i. Appearance: With a stain, one is usually looking to obtain a certain color of the substrate, while still seeing the texture of the material. For example, if you stain wood or concrete you still expect to see the texture of the wood or concrete, while imparting a different color. Exterior stains have two general classifications: 1) semi-transparent and 2) solid color (or “opaque”). With a semi-transparent stain applied to wood, we expect to see the wood grain and its texture; whereas with a solid color stain, the grain will be hidden while the texture will still normally be noticeable. With a painted appearance, we have created a new surface that completely hides the old surface and has its own appearance, which is usually smooth.

ii. Product formulation: A paint job often includes a primer coat and a finish coat; whereas a stain job will not normally require a primer. The product formulations differ in a broad sense in that stains (especially the semi-transparent types) are less highly pigmented than are paints. Most semi-transparent stains are [linseed] oil-based. Opaque stains are much more like paints in their pigmentation, and like paints, are available in latex and oil-based formulations.


Q. Why use Stain-N-Seal Semi-Transparent Solution?

A. Stain-N-Seal Solution products are commercial grade, semi-transparent, self-penetrating paraffin oil stains that help to repel water, and reduce mold, mildew. Our sealant was essentially engineered to preserve and extend the life of your wood structure, thereby slowing down the obvious signs of warping, cupping, surface check and splitting, if applied within 30 days of being built – ASAP!

Oil-based stains are formulated for maximum penetration of the substrate; compared with paints, exterior stains tend to be lower in viscosity (thickness) than paints, and are formulated for good lapping properties – great for exterior applications (fences, cedar siding, shingles and decks).


Q. What Stain-N-Seal Solution colors do we offer?

A. Honey, Med. Dark Brown, Dark Brown (New), and Black


Q. What type of warranties do we offer?

A. A two (2)year warranty for fences treated outside of 30 days of being built; and a three (3)year warranty for fences treated within 30 days of being built.